Apply today to become a GoggleWorks Studio Artist! All artists serious about pursuing their art in the professional setting of a community facility are encouraged to apply. While artists may display and sell work from their studios, the primary purpose of GoggleWorks studio space is to create new work. Artists awarded studios at GoggleWorks can request to renew their lease each year for up to a 3-year term.

GoggleWorks is looking for artists who:

  • demonstrate a commitment to their career through a strong body of original work 
  • have achieved a high degree of creative ability, technical facility, and professionalism
  • have nurtured an individual artistic vision and the ability to articulate it clearly in conversation and writing
  • share GoggleWorks’ commitment to creating greater access to art, culture, and educational programs
  • are committed to engaging with the Reading area community through open studios and public educational programming. 

Terms and Conditions

Artists have access to the GoggleWorks' facility 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. GoggleWorks is open to the public daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Studio sizes begin at 150 sq./ft. Rent includes heat, electricity, air conditioning, and parking. Wifi is provided throughout the building. The building has wifi, a security system, a loading dock, and freight elevators. An additional charge will be imposed for utility use beyond average usage and/or the installation of special equipment in a studio (e.g. electricity for kiln, special exhaust system). All studios have natural light as well as fluorescent shop lights with daylight bulbs. Artists are responsible for any additional lighting installation. Studio windows do not open and there are no studio-specific ventilation systems so the use of hazardous or odorous chemicals is prohibited.

Studio artists are expected to:

  • Sign and comply with GoggleWorks' Studio Artist Expectations and Code of Conduct.
  • Participate in at least 9 out of 12 Second Sunday Open Studio Crawls a year.
  • Comply with GoggleWorks hallway wall and gallery policy.
  • Work in their studios on a consistent and ongoing basis. Non-use of studio space is cause for eviction or non-renewal of lease.

Additional conditions for artists renting studios at GoggleWorks include: 

  • A security deposit of one month’s rent or $200 (whichever is greater) in addition to the first month’s rent is due upon signature of the lease. 
  • Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent paid after the 10th of the month will incur a 10% penalty fee. 
  • Failure to pay rent will result in eviction from the studio. 
  • Commencing with their initial lease, each studio artist will be offered a one-year lease. Artists can request to renew their lease two times for a total of 3 years. After 3 years, artists can reapply.
  • At the end of the artist’s lease, the studio space is to be left in the same condition upon departure from GoggleWorks as upon arrival. 


GoggleWorks is open to the public Daily 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Artists have access to the GoggleWorks' facility 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

To apply for an artist studio at the GoggleWorks:

[ ]    Complete this “Artist Application” form online

[ ]    Submit in the online application 10-15 pieces of representative work with summary page of title, medium, size and date of execution. For 3D work, please submit 2-3 images of each piece. Please number images to coincide with summary page.

[ ]    Submit an artist’s statement or reason for making art (one page or less)

[ ]    Submit a record of artistic and work history

[ ]    Submit any additional support materials you believe are relevant (i.e. reviews, recommendations,  etc.)

Rolling Submission

Juried Bi-annually: Spring/Fall

The submissions are reviewed by GoggleWorks' Exhibitions Committee. 


About Cohen Gallery:

Located on the first floor, the largest gallery in the GoggleWorks is divided into two distinct spaces and is capable of hosting either one major show or two separate exhibitions simultaneously. The West side of the gallery is approx. 2,700 sq. ft. and has a wood floor. The East side is approx. 3,100 sq. ft. and has a concrete floor. Both sides of the gallery feature movable walls that are 4ft. wide and 8ft. high, large windows for natural light, and an adjustable LED track light system. 

About the Schmidt Gallery:

Located on the second floor, the Schmidt Gallery has approximately over 1,500 square feet of space, wood floors, movable walls that are 4ft. wide and 8ft high, windows for natural light and an adjustable LED track light system. 

GoggleWorks presents prominent juried exhibitions including those with a particular focus on installation, experimental work, community, and immersive or interactive experiences. GoggleWorks also presents curated touring and rental exhibitions in the Schmidt Gallery from time to time. Exhibitions in the Schmidt Gallery are by special invitation, with some limited exceptions.

Submission Guidelines: Any artist interested in exhibiting in one of the GoggleWorks Galleries should submit a proposal for consideration. Normally only large shows utilize both sides of the Cohen Gallery. Artists/Exhibitors are responsible for the shipping/delivery of artwork. 

Please  submit the following items:

 *   Summary of theme or idea for the exhibition

 *   portfolio of 15-20 images (2400 pixels on the short side, 300dpi)

 *   Artist bio/CV or organization mission statement


National organizations must have an outside perspective of their member works. The organizers i.e. president, chairs, etc. may not show their own work unless it has been through the jury process. The juror may include one sample of their work for exhibition if they so desire. The juror must follow the request of the gallery as it pertains to the numbers of pieces to be exhibited. 


 Questions? Contact the Gallery Coordinator

Erica Hutchins -

Community Galleries / Hallway Spaces on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floor. 

Community Galleries are hallways and lounge areas throughout the GoggleWorks building that are able to hold approximately 12-30 wall mounted artworks (depending on the size and space available). These spaces can be rented out for four weeks (28 days) at a time and range in price from $40- $120, per gallery, with a two month limit. 

Availability for these spaces depends on the gallery calendar and is by a first come first served basis. As an artist/exhibitor you may suggest when you would like to show your work, but ultimately it depends on the schedule. 

Community Galleries are run on a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) style model where artists/exhibitors are responsible for the delivery, installation, promotion and take down of each exhibition. In addition to the 28 days of exhibition, a 24-hour grace period (before and after rental days) will be given for the installation and take down. Artists will need to supply their own materials to hang and must follow the agreement terms. 

Artists/exhibitors will need to complete an inventory list and label sheet (both provided by GW) one week prior to the opening date of the exhibition. Labels will be printed and cut by the Gallery Coordinator. 

Artists/exhibitors MUST notify Gallery Manager of any plans for a reception/small gathering for their hallway exhibition. This is to ensure GoggleWorks staff is able to accurately direct guests to the event. Please limit these gatherings to no more than 30 people. 

For all artworks sold, there is a 15% commission kept by GoggleWorks. The remainder 85% will be written as a check to the artist at the end of their rental period. 

There is a rolling submission for GoggleWorks Community Galleries and the process goes through the GoggleWorks Gallery Coordinator. A submission response will be given as soon as possible.

Spaces available to rent: 

2nd Floor 

  • Small Elevator Hallway (18 ft.), $40
  • Artist Lounge (20 ft.), $40

3rd Floor 

  • Small Elevator Hallway (24 ft.), $40
  • Artist Lounge / Corner (30 ft.), $50
  • The Youth & Teen Hallways surrounding studios #324 (30 ft.) and #322 (36 ft.),  $50 each
  • Hallway between studios #320 and #318 (40 ft.), $50

4th Floor

  • Hallway following event space #420 (approx. 80 ft), $100
  • Hallways surrounding studio #411 (approx. 100 ft), $120


Fees are waived for Non-Profit organizations within the Reading City Limits, GoggleWorks Studio Artists and GoggleWorks Instructors. 



How to apply: Any artist or exhibitor interested in exhibiting in one of GoggleWorks Community Gallery spaces should submit a proposal for consideration.  Please submit following the guidelines outlined below:

*   Summary of theme or idea for the exhibition

*   Portfolio of 5-10 images (at least 2400 pixels on the short side 300dpi)

*   Artist bio/CV or organization mission statement



Questions? Email Erica Hutchins, the Gallery Coordinator, at…


GoggleWorks Center for the Arts